• • Print:
       - Magazines, Flyers, Direct-Mail, Hand-Out Cards
    • On the Web:
       - Internet Ads, Animated GIFs, Stop-Motion, Video

  • • Photography and Text Creation
    • Video with Voice-Over Instructions/Narration
    • How-To Articles
    • D.I.Y. Articles

  • • Photography
    • Text

  • • Studio            • Outdoor
    • Action            • High-Definition
    • Web Use        • Product
    • Show

  • • High-Definition
    • Standard-Definition
    • Web Use
    • 3-D


Whether you’re into bikes, cars, or both, there’s no doubt you’ll love Gearhead, Inc. We’re into anything and everything with wheels and a (preferably large) motor. With over a decade of experience writing and photographing for a multitude of motorcycle magazines and a handful of car, truck, and audio mags, we decided to do it our own way and created Gearhead, Inc. to cover all our interests in one place. Get a feel for what we do by checking out our Facebook page—it’s updated a couple of times a week and brings you up-to-date coverage of motorcycle and car shows, the vehicles, tech articles and drag racing that we do ourselves, plus interesting news and photos of what our clients are up to as well. In other words, tons of exciting car, bike, and truck related photos to look at, and it’s all free to see! We also have a YouTube channel with a handful of videos of clients at shows, how-tos, product demonstrations, and (our favorite) racing videos!

Regardless of your business or product, we can help you, too. We’ve done (and continue to do) business with a number of great companies and businesses (automotive related and otherwise), such as:

  • Black Hawk Customs
  • Freedom Cycles
  • Rettribution Cuffs
  • Motorcycle.com
  • Huntington Beach Hogs and Choppers
  • Water Walker
  • Custom Cycle Engineering
  • Hot Bike Magazine
  • Bikernet.com
  • American Trike
  • Todd’s Cycle
  • Pure Power! Inc.
  • Green Choice Living
  • And more!

With over a decade of experience in the magazine industry, we’ve got tons of experience with photography- and can photograph your company’s products/services and more. Our years of marketing have given us the skills required to guide you through social media and write-ups on your company, products or services is one of our specialties. Plus, we’ve recently added video services (web-use, HD, and 3D) to our repertoire. All of these traits combine to enable us to successfully market and show people your services so you can make more money. People won’t buy what they can’t see or don’t understand. Gearhead, Inc. can help you educate your clients, improve your business’ public visibility, and therefore increase your sales. We know we can help because we understand the industry and can relate to your business better because we’re just as involved in it as you are.

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