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Social Media

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, you’ve noticed the rise in popularity of social media and networking sites. The general public expects a legitimate company to have both a website and a regularly maintained Facebook page. Depending on your company’s services or products, there are other social media sites that might help improve the visibility and online presence of your business as well, such as Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Gearhead, Inc. can create, populate, update, and maintain these sites for you and enable new, sustainable paths to your business and or product so you can concentrate on closing the deal with a customer and making a sale. Simply put, if your company is suffering from a lack of online presence, it’s missing out on a whole generation of people and hundreds (if not thousands) of customers.

Our photographic, video, graphic design, copy writing, and photographic skills enable us to create a social media network and or community that will allow customers to interact with your company in a variety of ways. There are literally hundreds of different social networking sites out there today, but there are only a few that customers expect to find. Currently, we maintain a presence at the following sites, and recommend that your company do likewise.

Facebook YouTube Twitter LinkedIn

We also have multi-service discounts for those businesses that wish to have us build/maintain multiple social media sites – please call or email us for a free consultation and get your company involved with the online community as soon as possible!


Facebook business page creation/maintenance/updating: starts at $150 per week.

YouTube Channel creation/setup (also see our “Video” page): starts at $100

Twitter page creation/setup, plus single weekly tweets starts at $25 per week

LinkedIn page creation/setup, plus single weekly update: starts at $25 per week