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“A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures.”

As digital memory capacity continues to increase exponentially and internet connection speeds persistently rise, video is in demand like never before. While photography will always be a necessity, it is limited in ways that video is not.

For instance, a person can hear how an aftermarket set of mufflers will sound on his bike- a sound byte might work, too- but then how does a person know exactly what vehicle or muffler was used to produce the sound? A video proves what is being shown is legitimate and is far more reliable information in the eye of the potential customer.

How-to videos are especially popular with customers, too. Instead of looking through dozens of photos about how to install a particular product, a person can watch an installation and understand the “gist” of an installation in a few seconds or minutes.

We offer a range of video services, including:

  • True High-Definition Video
  • Web Specific Video
  • How-To Video
  • YouTube Video/YouTube Channel Building
  • Standard Resolution Video
  • Action Video
  • 3-D Video

Plus, “How-to” videos are a great way to begin populating a YouTube channel for your company or product- another great way to reach more potential customers!

Visit our Gearhead, Inc. YouTube channel for more examples

If you have any questions about our video services or would like a quote on a video we can do for you, please call or email us to set up a free consultation!